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Fushigi Yugi RPG

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4th October 2005

raging_demon9:12pm: Yo, this is the MOD of DOOOOOM.

Plot will be happening in the next few days. The antagonist is introduced. Bad things will happen. Drama, angst. and a funeral.

You have been forwarned.

26th May 2005

cunningillusion4:45pm: Capital Convergence
They were moving. It did not take long to pack up and leave town. The two performances had been successful and their skill had even pleased the stoic Nakago, at least Tomo’s own performance had, and that was encouraging.

When Tomo looked at the dusty roads he could see the trampled greenery that indicated the army of soldiers that was Nakago’s return to the capital. The road cut by horses’ hooves. The blue walls of the city were slowly coming into focus and growing larger before his very eyes. Blue; the color of Seiryuu, of Nakago’s eyes...

Nakago was aloof, but there was something behind the man’s foreign eyes that made Tomo wish to see what was contained in them. He knew the way to do such a thing. Subconsciously his hand went to the polished shell that was his most precious possession, the object he had chosen as a child to focus his powers through which would never leave his hand. With this small object he could open up the General’s memories and play them like one acted an opera on stage. The same sounds, sights, even the smells, would be just what the person remembered. Tomo would find out what made Nakago desire to be a god above gods. His ambition was exhilarating and the beauty of Nakago’s physical features spoke to something deep inside of Tomo.

He would prove to Nakago more of his worth. That he alone was who Nakago needed to accomplish the goals of ambition and god hood that he desired. Tomo understood such things; wanting revenge. To be reborn as something greater.

He could still feel where Nakago had touched his cheek, smeared the make-up, and left his skin feeling like it had been burnt. That he had revealed to Nakago his face; that he could still hear Nakago’s smooth bass singing in his ears,

“I suppose looking at your features, I can guess what kind of past that you've had.”

Yes, Nakago. I am all you will ever need. I will not leave your side until you have what you want.

16th May 2005

modof___doom8:13am: Suzaku Side NPC Intro Time!
still no internet, this saddens me. -sigh- but here you go, someone else to interact with. gods i can't wait until I am back online to RP with all of you.

-your mod- ~Tama

Rice Balls and ChessCollapse )

11th May 2005

_koutoku6:54am: you do what you have to.Collapse )


OOC NOTE: I am still without internet but we've rigged up some calling card connection, I don't know when the next time I will be on is...but here is a post to tied you over. -smirk-

5th May 2005

modof___doom6:21pm: MOD POST: I know how to not hit myself in the face with the mod whip!
....Most of the time.

Okay, Xana's coming back today so YAY! :3

But with that out of the way. Nata and Xana: I do want to see that Nakago/Tomo post up by Monday morning when I'm back from Memphis or it will be time for private spankings.

and not the good kinky kind....

...mostly >.>
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26th April 2005

modof___doom6:28pm: MOD POST
Hi ^_^ um.. this is Xie <3

And... Emy gave me the mod whip and stuff and apparently temporary mod duties until she gets back. So um.... right

21st April 2005

monk_of_sorrow1:18pm: ~33~ Advent of Chichiri...
A day of trainingCollapse )
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17th April 2005

raging_demon4:31am: ~~032~~ Leave, Kishuku...
Live to your potential.Collapse )
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its_childs_play3:08am: 031: Enter Miboshi

That which we cannot have, we desire to posessCollapse )

modof___doom12:30am: MOD POST: New Member!
We have a Chichiri!!!

Everyone say 'allo to -looks for a name- O.O (shit she never gave me her name -scolds-) Well, her journal calls her "Kalitane" I here by dub thee Kali. -waves- Welcome Kali-chan to the RPG! (everyone be nice...-narrows eyes-)

Oh an in case you are wondering, Kali is a real person that is not an alter ego of xie, xana, nata or I. -insert shock here- ^.^ So lets try not to scare her away shall we?

Your loving MOD-

PS. Add monk_of_sorrow to all your friends lists. That would be our lovely Chichiris journal!

9th April 2005

modof___doom7:54pm: MOD POST: New Player
Everyone welcome Ellen to the game. She is our Miboshi.

Add its_childs_play to your friends lists.
sadame_no_hoshi3:50pm: +030: Practicing in the Palace+
The delicate flower that grows on but tea and inkCollapse )
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